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The Portland Book of Dates

Sasquatch-Penguin-Random House

*PNBA Bestseller, Powell's Bestseller, #1 New Release in Travel & Dining References on Amazon.

Title Announcement Coming Soon

Sasquatch-Penguin-Random House

Publish date: November 2023

celebrity interviews

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Isaac Mizrahi

Fashion Designer

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Scott Thompson

Comedian/Actor, The Kids in the Hall

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Michelle Visage

Judge, RuPaul's Drag Race

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Tim Gunn

Educator/TV Personality, Project Runway

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Sarah Marshall

Podcast Host, You're Wrong About

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Pete Holmes

Stand Up Comedian/Actor, Crashing

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Perfume Genius


Chris Gethard

Comedian/Podcast Host/Actor, The Dictator

Kristin Arnett



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The Most Stylish Man in Portland is a nearly 80-year-old musical legend.

Ural Thomas plays soul shows in killer looks to dancing crowds.

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Fashion of the Christ

One of Oregon’s Most Successful Designers Makes Modesty Garb in La Grande

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How Laika’s Costume Designer Dresses Tiny Puppets for the Big Screen

Deborah Cook and her costume crew make miniature masterpieces in Hillsboro.

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Hair and Makeup Maven, Renegade Artist … and Sea Captain?

Get to know Portlander Randi Whipple and her travels around the world.

Celebrating 30 Years of Spartacus, Portland’s Beloved Adult Store

It’s dirty 30 for the West Burnside institution—a surprising style stop.

After Designing for Jay Z, Kanye, and Pharrell, Christopher Bevans Goes Bigger

Athletics meets aesthetics in menswear label Dyne.


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Oregon Representative Suzanne Bonamici Recalls Her Experience as Terrorists Invaded the Capitol

“We heard a couple of footsteps. I didn’t look out to see who it was, I didn’t want to open the door,” she says. “We heard there were people firing guns into the House chamber.”

A Staffer Alleges Mismanagement in the Unemployment Office Affecting Thousands of Claims

“I sat at my desk, played with my phone, and got paid for it. Your tax dollars paid me to sit at my desk and play on Instagram.”

A Portland-Made PSA Helps the Native Community Adapt to COVID-19

With high infection rates among tribal communities, Exercise Safe Sweats aims to keep traditions alive, and elders protected.



Watching My Home State Burn

Portland Monthly

*Finalist - City & Regional Magazine Association, Excellence Online

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Select copywriting clients include:

  • Google

  • Go Daddy

  • Nordstrom

  • Zagat

  • Portland Art Museum

  • The Hollywood Theater

  • Icebreaker

  • The North Face

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