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Editorial & Commercial Styling


Booking me on a job is equivalent to booking a Swiss Army knife. Not only do I possess years of styling experience with wardrobe and designer connections all over the city, I also have a BFA in Fashion Design under my belt (pun intended). That means I have extensive knowledge of textiles and how to treat materials, I can fix a ripped sleeve on set in seconds, stitch a model into a garment or whip up a pair of curtains for prop styling. Additionally, I love collaborating on group projects and am up for any styling challenge be it doing a fall fashion feature in a 120 degree desert or wrangling a dress at the bottom of a pool for an underwater shoot (I’ve done both). I have the styling kit extradoinaire for all your needs on top of a light hair and makeup kit for touchup or basic HMUA needs.


I also have a terrible Tim Gunn impression I promise to keep to myself.


For day rates and booking information, please contact me at or call me at 503-933-8761.

ADIDAS - Never Follow 


Wardrobe Stylist: Eden Dawn

Directed by: Keaton Abbot - Linden Collective

DP: Patrick Eggert

HTC - Creatography


Wardrobe Stylist/Hair & Makeup: Eden Dawn

Agency: Swift

Director: Judah Switzer

HYUNDAI - Smart Campaign


Wardrobe Stylist/Hair & Makup: Eden Dawn

Agency: Arrowhead


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