Here’s the deal. Industry folks will tell you your website should be streamlined and highlight the one thing you do best, or it “lacks focus.” But that just isn’t how I roll. I love all things fashion and to limit myself to a single tiny subset of one of the most creative, fascinating fields in the world is boring.


And I don’t do boring.


What I do is spend time kicking ass in all veins of design related things. For a decade I have been Oregon's fashion editor. As the Style Editor for Portland Monthly, a nationally recognized magazine that I’m incredibly proud to be a part of, we’ve won countless professional awards including CRMA’s “General Excellence.” Twice! That's the magazine equivalent of Best Picture at the Oscars! As Oregon’s number one magazine, our reach is huge. Tens of thousands of people read my blogs on style tips, critiques, and where to shop and over 300,000 people have the stories I write and multi-page fashion features I style delivered to their homes every month. When you factor in the reach of social media, four million people have easy access to my pro-caftan thoughts at any given time. No pressure.


But as a project loving, attention-needing Leo, that’s not enough to keep me occupied. The list of things I do as a freelance queen outside of Portland Monthly is long (have a seat and get comfy). Elsewhere in the magazine world I handle the fashion stories for Travel Portland (named the nation's Best Visitor's Guide by the US Travel Association) and The Pearl. I also spent years as the contributing Style Editor for Portland Bride & Groom, carefully dressing and accessorizing fake brides in magical, editorial settings.


I’m not done bragging though (Hey, if you can’t brag on your own website, where can you?). Things are just as busy outside the publishing world where I welcome–and attempt to tackle –all style related commissions. Curate a fashion exhibit for the Portland Art Museum and 80,000 viewers to walk through? Done. Produce fashion shows from concept to choreography for some of the world’s biggest athletic companies? Countless times. Style album cover, promo materials and tour wardrobe for Grammy winning artist? Loved every second of it. Wardrobe an entire campaign without cracking a sweat? Yah. Write manifestos for one of the country's oldest department stores? Check. Emcee massive events in front of huge crowds, be a panel judge, do television segments, and in general not have an ounce of stage fright? Try and take the microphone away from me. Hell, I even started my own nail polish line if you're interested.


What’s all this mean? It means if you have a rad project and you need a hard working, pro-team, non-princess, shenanigan-loving lady, call me. Chances are, I’m up to the task.



Important info (there will be a quiz): self-deprecating Leo, voted "most likely to be the next David Letterman" in high school, above average parallel parker, mockable ketchup use, was once caught in a flash flood in Israel and carried out in the scoop of a bulldozer, picnic lover, pretty dresses, boots of all kinds, prankster, yo-yos and kites, benign brain cyst shared with only 4% of the world, ENFP, two bachelor's degrees and a masters, traveling, laughing, bad butterfly tattoos, brunch potlucks, owner of two super rude cats, pro-coffee, pets animals instead of eating them. professional winker.

At the core of it all, I am a storyteller. From reporting narrative pieces to creating stunning visual editorials to helping a brand find its voice, people hire me to tell their stories. And I love it. Let me tell yours.